Talons' "Songs for Boats"


Talons' "Songs for Boats"



Songs For Boats

"Songs for Boats" is an album of love songs at the end of the world. It is a new folk music made to resonate now rather than endure for decades. Written while Mike Tolan was living/studying in Spain and the world was sliding into recession, these boat songs came into being as he wondered how he would get home once the world fell apart. The boats are escape and rescue. They are diversion and reminiscence. They are hopeful but unsteady in the face of an unclear future.

"Songs for Boats" begins on "The Next Day" (in classic Cold-War-Era-Cinema fashion), when the world economy finally collapses and the US slips into relative chaos. The album hints around the idea of a simpler, more unsure life (but do to personal limitations as opposed to global ones). A dangerous time, but a time where some will feel closer to the "real life" that they had not experienced before. A harder life. Almost certainly a shorter one. But a life of physical survival over virtual boredom. Maybe it is an unrealistic vision but with "Songs for Boats", Talons' approaches this bleak future with humor and honesty.

The "Songs for Boats" are carried by the voices of Mike and Sommer Tolan but beneath their surfaces an array of acoustic guitars, autoharps, chord organs, clarinets, violin and lapsteel interact as they drift throughout the stereo spectrum creating a constant sonic ebb and flow. This musical arsenal is manned in part by the Talons' Band, comprised of close friends and constant collaborators Keith Freund and Linda Lejsovka (of Trouble Books), Jen Court and Jacob Trombetta (of Dinomania), Brian Straw, and Warren Kroll (of Forrest/Dorosoto), whose contributions carry the songs beyond the realms of standard indie folk, creating a delicate world within which the songs come alive, sway, and pull themselves along towards humble hopeful ends.

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1. Rowboat 
2. Old Kayak 
3. Catamaran 
4. Ferry 
5. Skiboat 
6. My Life is a Rotten Chris-Craft 
7. Lost Ships 
8. Royal Caribbean 
9. …on a Gold Spray-Painted Waverunner 
10. Sailboat 
11. Lifeboat 
12. The Cleveland Rocks