Natural Harbors "The Most Vernal of Equinoxes"


Natural Harbors "The Most Vernal of Equinoxes"



The Most Vernal Of Equinoxes

Iamurri layers homemade beats and innovative arrangements over buoyant melodies. Like a sheet of translucent vellum or a scrim, these layers create a washed-out texture that enhances each tune rather than obscuring it. Recalling the pop music of the ’50s and ’60s he used to listen to on his dad’s record player as a kid —the Motown and Stax Records catalogs, The Beach Boys, Harry Nilsson, The Kinks—he wanted to re-imagine these sounds by adding elements of the eclectic music he has gotten into since, stuff like Brazilian pop, shoegaze, Tropicália, Italo house and Balearic beat. Experimenting further, he left in various “blips and blaps” that came through in recording, such as the click of his computer’s track pad or a plosive vocal that peaked out. You may hear an occasional cough or Iamurri affirm his collaborating musicians at the end of one track. (“Nice.”) All this represents an exercise in letting whatever happens happen, recording-wise, which is based on the philosophy of aleatoric music. It’s a refreshingly unselfconscious approach, one that points back to the idea of doing what comes naturally. Speaking of what comes naturally, the title of the album was inspired by the literal arrival of Spring (he recorded the songs through February of 2011).

Arranged, performed, and recorded by Anthony Iamurri in Chicago, Illinois from December 2009 through February 2011.

Other contributors include: 
Elliot Bergman / tenor & baritone sax (tracks 4&8) 
Jacob Daneman / clarinet (track 9) 
Joshua Iamurri / guitar (track 2) 
Trevor Naud / guitar & vocals (track 6)

Mastered by Jonathan Schenke in Brooklyn, New York.

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1. Makeshift Twilight 
2. Cumulus Clouds 
3. Three Cheers 
4. The Ebb and Flow Interlude 
5. Transcendental Hullabaloo 
6. Pantomimed Constellations 
7. The One Straw Interlude 
8. The Well-Tempered Plumber 
9. Presque Isle