Cains & Abels "The Price is Right" EP


Cains & Abels "The Price is Right" EP



The Price is Right

Positive Beat Recordings is proud to announce the release of The Price is Right, a new five song EP from Chicago’s Cains & Abels. Following their debut album Call Me Up on States Rights Records (CD) and Positive Beat Recordings (LP) The Price is Right is a batch of four new tunes as well as a cover of the Wesley Willis classic “Vultures Ate My Dead Ass Up”. The recording feels a bit more loose than previous ones, all the while keeping true to their vision of making real, honest music. The tracks were recorded during the last days of winter in 2010 and functions as both a reflection of the years past and look forward into the unknown.

David Sampson’s’ voice wails and is deep with emotive feeling as always. He sings about the death of a close friend, the end of an era, wasted time, feelings of isolation and death wishes. Sampson writes it as he sees it and these are dark times – “Now I’m getting that hard hearts feeling back, and I feel alone again / I don’t want to be in your new club…”. Though dark, these recordings are not with out a good dose of piercingly dry humor, which often crops up in Sampson’s’ writing. The opening track creates a mantra of sorts to wasted time, and with lines like “ I will stay home tonight with a kite tied to my wrist, and a car key in my fist and a plastic bag of my own money” he paints a sad but very honest picture of our present moment.

The album leaves you looking forward but not without looking back as well, "This year will be good / be all I ever am to me". In talking with Sampson about the final lines of the EP he said,

“What I'm saying in that song is that in striving to be independent in all regards, I actually sabotage my own success. "This year will be good" is what I say every year. It never happens quite like I want it to, and that's because I'm ignoring the difficult and important things ("turn the headlights off / don't put the headlights on") that lead to personal growth. I am being "good" to myself only in the sense that I am ignoring difficulty and struggle. It's not actually being good to me; it's self-destructive. It's hopeful in a way, but it's a hope in ignorance. “

The EP is a digital only release available exclusively on cainsandabels.bandcamp and is available in three ways – for free / as a donation of your choice / or for $12. The $12 option comes with a limited edition screen-printed poster by Sonnenzimmer Prints. The poster is an edition of 35.

FFO: Silver Jews, Neil Young, Karen Dalton, Will Oldham

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Digital EP w/ Poster


1. All My Time Gets Wasted 
2. Vultures 
3. After Owl 
4. I'll Be Home 
5. Stay Home Tonight