Cains & Abels "Call Me Up"

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Cains & Abels "Call Me Up"



Call Me Up

Cains & Abels sound is a mixture of Plymouth Brethren-inspired folk singing, thick reverberating guitar melodies, and elemental drumming. It comes together in what the band describes as “the most real and honest music we can make.” David Sampson’s voice reaches out in a way that is both resonant and unsettling, creating an atmosphere that “combines the eerie with the beautiful.”

‘Call Me Up’ tells the story of a specific relationship unraveling, bringing to life Sampson's tumultuous inner world, torn apart by divorce and doubt, while revealing his vulnerable desire to be healed. The lyrics intone bleak pictures of birds of prey, bones, lonely highway drives and isolating landscapes, but are able to yield an overriding sense of hope.

‘Call Me Up’ was recorded by Erik Hall of the band NOMO and was released on CD by States Rights Records (Portland) in 2009. Positive Beat Recordings (Chicago) is pleased to present ‘Call Me Up’ for the first time on vinyl.

Limited to 525 copies.

Includes a free MP3 download of the entire record.

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1. Warm Rock 
2. Call Me Up, Pt. 2 
3. Never Be Alone 
4. Killed By Birds 
5. Metal In My Mouth 
6. Hard Hearts 
7. Black Black Black 
8. Dark Days 
9. Call Me Up, Pt. 1

Bonus Track: Forty Days and Forty Nights (Vinyl Only)