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5 Steps To Help You Learn To Play The Guitar
The guitar is one of the most accessible and best loved instruments in the world. Its beauty, both visually and musically, strikes a universal chord. This universality is often what puts learning to play guitar at the top of so many people’s list of things to do. Mastering the basics of the guitar can be easier than a person may think; but dedication and practice are the major ingredients for success. Beginning guitar players who have trouble forming certain chord shapes need not worry. There are several easy guitar songs that rely on single notes and power chords. While formal training may be right for some, there is no harm in going over these five basic steps to help you learn to play easy guitar songs without feeling stressed or frustrated.

Easy Guitar Songs for a Beginner to Try
There is nothing like playing a widely known guitar songs after only going to one or two guitar lessons. You may think that you will not be learning any songs for quite some time, but that is not the case. There are plenty of easy guitar songs for beginners to tackle. That is the beauty of the guitar. Challenges can come at every level: for the beginner, for the intermediate player, and even for the expert who has been playing for years. So check out these beginner songs. If you are a new guitar player you may want to try playing them yourself; and if you are a guitar instructor consider making them part of your curriculum.